Recently I’ve been blessed with the gift of time and lots of it. And time is a beautiful thing when you get to fill it with books, especially if you’ve just escaped a reading slump. So since I’ve been perfecting the art of the mini readathon I figured I’d share with all of you! Pick […]


If this isn’t just the oddest collection of titles and covers I’ve ever strung together then I don’t know what is. But, as usual, I digress. Over the past several months I’ve collected quite the haul. I’m proud to say that all of these but one came from a charity shop or local bookshop. You […]

It occurred to me the other day that I haven’t actually updated everyone on what I’m reading. I used to love doing these posts possibly because of the cut and paste ease of them. Then I got overwhelmed because I kept changing what I was reading and felt like I was being dishonest, not sure […]

I’ll be honest: sometimes blogging is exhausting. I have so much to say yet nothing to say at all. More often than not, I feel like I’m repeating myself and it’s kind of hard not to, especially at this time of year. If you’ve been here a while then you know around September and October […]

This was a solid read that featured ten haunted hotels across America. Each chapter is dedicated to a certain hotel and the authors, a husband-wife team, give a quick history lesson and their accounts of their stay. We also get some spooky black and white photos and travel tips (hotel information, local amenities, airports etc.). […]

This is a quick Choose Your Own Adventure featuring the ghostly Tower of London. Join your school buddies on a tour of London’s haunted tower but be careful, the decisions you make will decide your ultimate fate. I picked this up because I wanted an easy read/palate cleanser. I was in that mood where you […]

Oh this is just a mess and not even a good one. I don’t even remember when I last did this challenge but it was way before my hiatus. I primarily use Goodreads as a catch all for any book that looks remotely interesting. I very rarely go back and investigate what I’ve added unless […]

Lately I feel like I’m on the go nonstop. We’ve been doing a lot of traveling for the bank holidays and James’s job. Obviously, I’m grateful for the opportunity to travel yet spend time together. As a long distance couple, we usually spend more time apart than we do together so I’m trying to lean […]

I picked this book up at the beginning of the year because I was concerned about my health and I was not disappointed. There are seven chapters set up in question and answer form on the following subjects: periods, hygiene, sexual pleasure, general concerns, birth control, visiting your doctor and pregnancy. You can literally read […]

This was not simple. At all. I picked up this book hoping for an easygoing guide on how to use candles magically. Instead, I found myself very overwhelmed by the wealth of information and excruciating detail author Richard Webster gives. You would think this would be a good thing but from where I was reading, […]