Today’s post is just an honest check in because sometimes we have to just be honest with ourselves. I am slumping and slumping hard. I don’t know why I’m surprised. Every year around September and October I get hit hard with a reading slump. I want to read, believe me, I do but I just […]

It’s the start of the school year which means we’re back to my recently read kids books! For this post I went with a feel good theme since each of these books focuses on self-love. As usual I would recommend these books for a read aloud but I could also see an activity thrown in. […]

I completely forgot that I did this the last time I traveled so this is a surprise for all of us! As always, I had a fantastic trip going to see James and his family. I still can’t believe we hadn’t seen each other in 18 months. I don’t want to dwell on all that […]

I did such a good job scheduling for August that I completely forgot about September. Naturally it snuck up on me so bare with me! Also, I just realized these three books are anglocentric which shouldn’t surprise me since I just got back from England. I’m sure none of you are surprised. As always, WWW […]

As I mentioned the other day in my Mid-Year Check In post, I have been slacking on my commitment to poetry. I don’t know why I been slacking; I think it has something to do with my nonfiction knowledge kick but I digress. Here are a handful that I’d like to get to. Special shoutout […]

I have always been fascinated by Runes so I picked this up as an introduction to them and I wasn’t disappointed. The book starts with a brief history of Runes as well as author, Ralph Blum’s interpretations of what they mean. The big thing I realized about Runes is they are all about interpretations and […]

When I was planning this week’s post, I remembered that I did a flight plan of what I was going to read on my flight to England. Well, one global pandemic and a year and a half later I decided to revisit that post because – drumroll please – I’m going to England. Again. But […]

Did anyone else have a really strange July? I feel like for one reason or another July was just a strange hot mess. All it did was storm and rain which is perfect reading weather but not when I made a goal to read in the sun. Ugh. But I digress. As always, WWW Wednesday is […]

Time for a slightly spooky read and review! Recently I read Wait Till Helen Comes to fulfill a mystery prompt and boy did I love it! This ghost story follows Molly as she, her brother, Michael and their terrible younger stepsister, Heather, move to rural Maryland at the whim of their parents. The kids are […]

I want to preface this by saying Mo Willems is not my favorite children’s author because this post sure is going to look that way. I was in a Kindergarten classroom for about a week and let me tell you, they love Mo Willems. I highly recommend reading any of his books in a classroom […]