Let’s start spooky season of with a ghost story, or rather, several ghost stories! In this book we follow author, Diana Norman, on an elaborate ghost tour of various stately homes in England. Leading the tour is psychic Tom Corbett, who explains he is a clairvoyant. Each chapter is dedicated to a certain stately home […]

Today we’re going for something a little different. This challenge is all over internet and comes in various forms but the goal is the same. You make a stack of books and read a chapter (or chapters) to decide if you want to keep going. As an example, here’s Becca’s Try A Chapter Tag | […]

Whoa! It’s the last WWW of 2021! Did December sneak up on anyone else? I totally blanked on Thanksgiving and now somehow it’s December – nearly Christmas even! Anyway, back to that book blogging life. My little Thanksgiving readathon did help kick me into gear so things are looking up! As always, WWW Wednesday is a […]

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I know I’m a day late but I always post on Fridays so I don’t really feel like it’s that late. Since I’ve been having a bit of reading slump, I decided to take advantage of the fact that I have off for the holiday and read. Here are the three books […]

This is a quick but engaging introduction to period activism. Our author, journalist Anita Diamant, discusses the various topics associated with menstruation such as shame, periods in (or more accurately not in) the media, the Tampon Tax and more. She also includes research on indigenous cultures and traditional responses from around the world, which was […]

We’re back with another round of children’s books! Unlike last time, there’s no theme – just beautiful books to engage young readers! This picture book is all about observing summer using the five senses. It’s short, sweet and to the point, which is great for one-on-one reading. It looks like it is a part of […]

I know we just did one of these but it’s Wednesday and the reads are different – I swear! Well, they’re different except for my current read but that just means I’m on schedule! As always, WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Taking on a World of Words where you answer the following questions: 1. […]

This is one of those moments where I have to practice a little grace because I am so disappointed in myself. I had all these amazing plans for spooky season and have I done a single one? Nope. But did I start a brand new job? Yep. Something’s gotta give but it’s all good! Here’s […]

Ah autumn, my favorite season. Everything is beautiful and orange. Spooky season is finally here and everything smells like warm apples. I love it and I’m so excited! As usual, my autumn bucket list is always a little longer than the other seasons but I’m sure I can fit it all in. I think. Autumn […]

Today’s post is just an honest check in because sometimes we have to just be honest with ourselves. I am slumping and slumping hard. I don’t know why I’m surprised. Every year around September and October I get hit hard with a reading slump. I want to read, believe me, I do but I just […]