Never have I ever…reviewed a collection of short stories so bare with me. I picked up A Family Christmas by Jenny Agutter because it had A Child’s Christmas in Wales by Dylan Thomas, which was the book club choice at work and my prompt for Chapter Two of the Winter Magical Readathon (LINK). I think […]

So I have officially started my first readathon of 2020 and it’s no surprise that it’s the Winter Magical Readathon. Technically I started in December but because it’s a seasonally themed one I didn’t want to stress so I’m stretching it into January. This readathon is run by none other than G, who created and […]

We made it through Blogmas! I kinda can’t believe it so I think we should take this moment and do a happy dance! It was a challenge and not all the content was seasonally oriented but I’m calling it a success! In other news, it’s time for my usual ‘new year’ post. I think these are […]

It’s time for the big reading post to wrap up the year: the final verdict of my bookish endeavors 2019. I didn’t grade myself last year but I feel like I got a solid 80% of my goals accomplished despite two or three bad reading months. I’ll have my usual break down and a few new […]

Happy New Year! It’s 2020 everyone!! Our very first post of January, naturally, is the WWW Wednesday post. I’ll be honest, this one is going to be a pure mess considering December’s hopes and January’s TBR pile. I may or may not dub it ‘the pile of doom’. It’s not a bad pile; just a […]

I’m learning that years that end in 9 are an interesting breed. The Sorcerer’s Companion says that “Nine represents completion and achievement to the fullest degree, as it is the ‘complete’ number, three, expressed three times (3 x 3 = 9).” Granted, this is defined in terms of arthimancy or numerology but it’s a definition I […]

Oh my goodness this damn book. I. LOVED. This. Damn. Book. As in I reread it directly after finishing and probably could once more before the end of the year because I still couldn’t get enough! I picked this novel by Jen DeLuca after listening to Hailey in Bookland’s Huge Adult Romance Book Haul video.  […]