Happy Friday loves! I found this series after some investigating on the Harlequin website under the Love Inspired grouping. After reading the Cowboy Creek Series I knew I wanted to continue reading about mail-order brides. There’s something about how strong and brave these women are to drop everything and hop on a train to their […]

Remember a few weeks back when I said Lily Gets Her Man by Charlene Sands got me hooked on harlequins? Well get ready for a harlequin-western round up! Ha ha, get it? Round up! Puns aside I will be reviewing the three novels in the Cowboy Creek series, making this a very long post. The […]

Howdy y’all and Happy (belated) Fourth of July! In honor of Independence Day I’ll be talking like a cowboy all day – just kidding! I’m bringing back a civic duty post, this time about the jury duty process, and next week I’ll share reviews for the Cowboy Creek series, which I read while there. I was […]

I cannot believe it’s July 3rd all ready! Where did the time go? Well, it goes where it always goes: flying by! I’ve been book blogging for a solid four months now and have dived into a few reading challenges that I’d like to share an update on. I’ll still be doing WWW Wednesday below […]

I am officially declaring this the book that started my cowboy harlequin frenzy, which I am no longer ashamed to admit. It’s not that I haven’t read harlequin books before, I have and they are fun, but this was my first dive into western fiction too. Now I’m two series’ deep into the western-harlequin genre […]

Afternoon lovelies! We’ve got a two-for-one today since I wanted to update you all on my spring bucket list and (finally) review #GIRLBOSS. I partially took a hiatus due to procrastinating on my review for #GIRLBOSS specifically. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy #GIRLBOSS – I did immensely – but I’ve had such a book […]

Some of my favorite bookish content posts are book shelf and TBR unhauls. There’s something refreshing about clearing out the books you don’t need or want to read anymore. I came across the ‘Down the TBR Hole’ project from Pages and Pugs, and have actually made some progress since my last post. Essentially the project was created to help […]