Hi all! I’ll keep this short and sweet but I’ll be taking another hiatus because I am not dong too well right now. It’s a lot of mental upheaval and I just can’t dedicate the time to create the content that I’m passionate about when I feel this way. I’ll still be reading (hopefully) but […]

It’s July and that means it’s time for my Mid-Year Freakout tag! I can’t wait to freak out over my favorites, least favorites, and everything in between. I’m proud to say I’ve actually fulfilled every prompt this time around. Yes, even the new release ones! So let the tag begin! Best Books So Far: I […]

Oh boy, my spring was rough and I mean rough. I think because I was preparing for OWLs early on in the lockdown, I was seriously motivated but everything afterward has been one hell of a tumble downhill – my spring bucket list included. We knew that some tasks weren’t happening but I truly only […]

Anyone else still stuck in April? Just me? June totally snuck up on me and it definitely drop kicked me into a reading slump. Actually, I can’t tell if it’s a reading slump or book burnout from the O.W.L.s but I digress. If you’ve been following me for a while then you know that I […]

  4 out of 5 stars! Time for another queer graphic novel review! Prince Sebastian is the heir to the throne and has a panache for fashion while Frances is a tailor with big fashion designer dreams. After seeing her work, Prince Sebastian secretly hires Frances to be Lady Crystallia’s designer, who is actually his […]

This story follows twenty-something witches Andy, Jolene, and Claire on a road trip down the East Coast of the United States. Their mission, whether they want to accept it or not, is to retrieve the magical supplies a hidden foe has stolen and hid them. The worst part is these items are crucial for a […]

It’s June and that means it’s Pride Month so whoop whoop! This year I’m participating in the new Here and Queerathon by Mel at their blog, Cotton Candy Book Witch, and we are due for a check in. This is a yearlong readathon spotlighting queer authors and representation but you can check out all the […]

I am so stoked for my 2020 classics pile. When I started taking book challenges and tracking more seriously I made it a point to include reading more classics. If you’ve followed me for a while it will not come as a surprise that most my classic reads have been a) set in the nineteenth […]

Technically I just posted my monthly WWW for May nearly two weeks ago and while nothing much has changed reading wise – yay for reading two books – I still wanted to check in as we are half way through the year. I also wanted to take some time to chat about the Black Lives […]