I want to preface this by saying Mo Willems is not my favorite children’s author because this post sure is going to look that way. I was in a Kindergarten classroom for about a week and let me tell you, they love Mo Willems. I highly recommend reading any of his books in a classroom […]

I feel like last year I was freaking out because I was excited but now I’m freaking out because it’s July and I’m absolutely not ready. It has been quite the reading year so maybe by the end of this post I’ll be less freaked out and more relieved. Best Books So Far: As usual […]

It has been a literal year since I’ve done a seasonal bucket list and I am thrilled to get back into it. There’s something about setting fun activity “goals” that reminds you to lighten up. I know that sounds counter-productive, setting goals for fun, but as a list-oriented person I appreciate having a built in […]

Who accidentally went on hiatus because they were exhausted and completely forgot blogging existed? 🙋🏼‍♀️ Oops. What can I say? The end of the school year does that to you. And I’d like to say during that time I’ve been reading up a storm but I have not. I’ve been donating and buying books but […]

First off, I can’t believe that it is June. Where did the time even go?! To be fair though, it felt like summer around mid-May with the weather we’ve been having. Not that I’m complaining! Summer is always one of my favorite reading times. It’s soothing to lay out by the pool and read a […]

Every time I write one of these I am in sheer awe of how quickly the year is moving along. Some days it feels so slow and some days it feels so fast. May and June are definitely two of those months that seem to swing by! As far as reading goes, the spring and […]

When the librarians of Spencer’s town library find a little orange kitten in the book drop box they are shocked. Who could do such a thing? Little do they know that Dewey, named after Melvil Dewey’s system, will become a legend of the library himself. The community is instantly smitten with Dewey and the book […]

This feels like a book that needs little introduction but here we go. I Am Malala is the biography of Malala Yousafzai. I will say the beginning of this book explains more of Pakistan’s intense history and Malala’s father than Malala herself, though her thoughts are peppered in as we go along. We see her […]

It’s been a while since I’ve taken part in a readathon so I’m thrilled to say I’ll be participating in two – hopefully. I know I said I was going to chill out on the readathons but since my favorite was canceled I’ve been craving more of a challenge. I am currently doing an off-line […]