Mid-Year Check In | 2020

It is time for a mid-year check in, excuse me while I do one of those screaming, happy dances because we’re actually not doing too badly! I’ll be checking in on five categories: the Goodreads Challenge, my Mini Library/Trimester Unhauls, the Classics Challenge, my nonfiction challenge, and my readathon participation. But first, everyone give yourselves a pat on the back for getting this far into 2020!

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Goodreads Challenge:

I am thrilled to say this has been a great success. My original goal was 30 books per my 2020 intentions and I accomplished it sometime in April! I’ve since extended my goal to 35 and I’m already at 34 books. Technically three of my reads were literary journals that aren’t on Goodreads, which means they don’t ‘officially’ count. I’ve been keeping a running tally and will add in the page amounts at the end of the year. I’m also considering a second extension into 40 or 45 books by December. 

Mini Library and Unhauls:

This challenge has been both a hit and a miss. I have two running lists of books to unhaul: my mini library (five books) and my trimester unhaul (the first round was six books by the end of April). I didn’t dedicate a whole post to my April list but it was the various literary journals and poetry books I’ve been randomly reading. I’m thrilled to say I was able to knock 5 out of 6 off the list and I enjoyed all of them. I even looked at a few more poetry collections by David Lehman and put them on my TBR. My mini library list, on the other hand, has been a little less successful. I’ve DNF’d Mistress of My Fate (for now) but did finish and enjoy MySpace/OurPlanet: Change is Possible.


I feel like a bad classics enthusiast right now since I haven’t read a single classic (on or off my list). I’m about 30 pages or so into The Secret Garden so that’s something. I won’t spend much time here but you can check out my Classics 2020 TBR and keep your fingers crossed that I get my reading mojo back. 

Non Fiction Reads:

And we’re back to being pumped up again! I am thrilled to say I’ve completed eleven nonfiction books out of my thirty-four totaled reads. This is a tremendous amount of success and it happened organically! Genre wise it’s been an odd combination of poetry, self-help, memoir, and ecology-oriented topics. 

Readathon Participation:

2020 feels like the year of readathons and, like the unhaul challenge, has been a bit of a hit and a miss. I’ve realized recently that when my anxiety is out of wack I tend to obsess over hobbies and organizing said hobbies. In this case, readathons have been an excellent distraction but I’ve also been very overwhelmed by them. I’m learning to be more selective and realistic when I decide to participate. So far I’ve participated in three readathons: Witchathon, the Magical Readathon, and the Here and Queerathon. Technically, it could be four if we count the Winter Magical Readathon but I started that in December 2019 so we’ll give it a half a point.

What’s Next:

Honestly, I’m not sure where to go from here. Even though I’m mid-reading slump I know I am going to read at least six books by the end of the year, which would bring us to around 40 books for 2020. On the other hand, I’m trying to take it slow and not overwhelm myself. It’s safe to say I’m continuing all of these challenges but I will be modifying the readathons I participate in. The Here and Queerathon is year-long (thank goodness) so I’ve still got a pile for that. I’m also going to continue on with the NEWTs portion of Magical Readathon, however, I don’t think I’ll be publishing anything here like I normally would. You can catch up on G’s decisions for the Magical Readathon 2020 but the short version is NEWTs will continue on her Discord only and next year she’ll be making her own unique readathon. That being said, you might get the odd update on a WWW post in August or September.

In terms of my other challenges, I will be raising my Goodreads challenge to 40 books but I don’t think I’ll be officially announcing when. If we get to 45, I’ll be beyond thrilled and a little shocked. I’ll also be continuing my trimester unhaul rating with a deadline of August 31st for the following books: F This Test by Richard Benson, Sex Has a Price Tag by Pam Stenzel, Splat! by Andre Garant, and Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting by in America by Barbara Ehrenreich (or the Quizlet version). I also have to throw in The Evening Sun by David Lehman because I haven’t finished it yet. I’m also hoping to get I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai and Get Real: What Kind of World are YOU Buying Into? by Mara Rockliff off my mini library list. A fair few of these are non fictions so that will be a huge success for two challenges if I get to them.

How’s everyone else’s reading going? Are you crushing your goals? Or making adjustments like I am?



  1. […] all the book unhauling I’m trying to accomplish. You can read all about that at the end of my Mid-Year Check In post but for the sake of this post if I can just finish these two classics I’ll be a happy reader. […]

  2. yay for being 14 books ahead of schedule! woohoo! I’m thinking about extending my goodreads challenge number too because I just hit 29/25, lol. It sounds like you’re doing super well on your goals 🙂

    1. 😁 Congrats to you too! What do you think you’ll extend to? I’m really proud of the progress this year haha.

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